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Eric Chun, Managing Partner
Eric has over 14 years of software architect/development experience. Prior to the founding Simple Minds, LLC, Eric was the Sr. Technical Manager of the Speech Services group for AOL. Before joining AOL, Eric was the Technical Manager of the Web Development group for eVoice where he was in charge of architecting and developing the database-driven web interface for its nationwide voicemail system.

In his spare time, Eric writes game mods for Shogo, Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament.
Mike Kolbly, Managing Partner
Since Mike’s first computer - The Timex Sinclair with its built-in BASIC and cassette recorder to the Commodore 64 with its huge 360K floppy - to the XT with an entire megabyte of memory to todays $200 Athlons – he’s been programming in one fashion or another. At first, it was phone directories and computer frogger-type games. Later on he ran a hobby BBS (Pre-Internet revolution of course) and programmed various BBS Games that would give you more logon time for winning. Even while Mike was working his way thru school as a bank employee, he would write helpful programs for the staff to maintain schedules and store ATM problem tickets.

Since then, Mike has been programming professionally for more than 7 years using a variety of languages, methodologies and platforms. His greatest satisfaction is taking a project from its conception, design, coding, testing, to production always with an eye on upgradeability and ease of maintenance. He truly is a highly self-motivated individual who enjoys new challenges and he prides himself in his organizational and problem solving skills as well as his drive to see a project thru to its completion

Corinna Tutor, Managing Partner
With over 15 years experience in marketing and advertising, Corinna has developed strategic marketing plans, created and managed advertising concepts and campaigns, managed production schedules, developed electronic media development, handled the trafficking of media schedules, managed press checks, overseen photo shoots, directed and edited videos and audios, directed set and environmental designs, researched and analyzed market trends and clientele’s competition, reviewed MRI data, handled media planning and buying, developed promotional campaigns, written press releases and worked with the press on editorials, developed strategic copy, produced business-to-business and retail programs, managed websites, and project managed various marketing programs.

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